These are the websites which i own or partly own. – my personnel website, which i am trying to use as my resume. – A website that i own with which i will portray tricky nature of many things. – A Portal on what is happening in Kerala with news reports, Event schedules, Festivals and webcasts of major events. – A Website for Live casting or Webcasting your personnel events such as Wedding, Funerals, Get togethers, Product launches.
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Websites i track

Interior Design and Design in General – This is where i track the latest of design. – A very beautiful website on interior decoration. – As name suggests but it covers a lot of subjects. Birds, Fish and Plants ( I prefer to call it this way than Pets & Gardening) – A very beautiful website with some interesting details on gold fish ( not  much 🙂 ) – A website that could inspire you to start a koi pond. – All about Guppies. Website workshop – Tools that help you check and improve your website. Stock related websites & Accounts Economic times portfolio Ventura Securities   Trading website –

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