Stock Market

Stock market.
I am trading using Zerodha, also i am a marketing partner to zerodha.

I have been in stock market since 2012 with a modest begining of Rs 1000/- ( Deposited 5k and withdrew 4k ) there were dormant periods and there are active periods. There is a rumoured statistics that 95% people loose money in stock market. I fall into the remaining 5% PROUDLY !

Over the period of time about 6 lakhs have been invested and withdrawn 2 lakhs thus 4 lakhs in investment.Much of dividend is reinvested as they are from pledged stocks thus they are added into the trading account instead of bank account.

On 29th August 2019 My overall account value crossed 10 lakhs. It took a while to cross that figure it often came close but retracted. Since then it is often above 10 lakhs.

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