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This was intented as a portfolio website or resume in the form of a website, but as time passed it  by i felt www.zanilhyder.info would have been better with www.zanilhyder.com

All about me on this website
For casting on the Internet an Insight of mine
A mould of me by a website.

I am presently into contract works in Road constructions and poultry farming.Previous to this i was into IT industry from 1995 where i had dealt with sales and marketing of Computer Hardware and Software and also worked in Tech support, Information security and Systems administration.I also do partime blogging and Research on Online Marketing and Advertising,creating online properties, developing a good social network online.

Work experience include Computer & Peripheral Sales,Marketing and Servicing and a short stint on Sales for a Telecom Company and a year as a Trainer on Computer Hardware,Customer care as a Tech support for a Global company, also worked for Information security and also as a Systems administrator in Migration and installation of IT infrastructure.


RHCSS certificate

Zanil Hyder’s RHCSS Certificate

RHCE certificate, Linux Certification,

Zanil Hyder’s RHCE certificate

Overall there is 17 years of Work experience mainly in IT industry of which how many years is relevant depends on the evaluator.

Besides these activities on the Internet & Computers i am trying to involve myself in farming,Fish Farming was started after registering with Matsya Kerala a local body on Aquaculture since Feb 2009.Poultry has also been started and since Feb 2010 and if all goes well i may start  Bee Keeping.Planting trees is an idea i have in mind as an investment for a long term deposit.
Marathons were a craze and i have run the Mumbai Full Marathon in 2008 & 2009,besides the Hyderabad Half Marathon,10 K and also walked from Cochin to Trichur in 16 hours and once covered 106 Kms in Hyderabad in 18 hours.I can’t swim long but paddle for about 30 mts i wish to train myself to swim 4.5 Kms to complete a Ironman.
I like to Travel and have traveled in different parts of India.Planning to do a Globe trot as a Backpacker, and build a worldwide network of friends.I wish if i could make travel simpler for people.I like the way of Hitchhiking.I am planing a Bike trip across kerala from Kanyakumari to Mangalore.
My Zodiac sign is Virgo, i dismiss the idea of Zodiac sings and Horoscopes.About personality traits i can be on extremes according to company and people. Although at times you can tag me timid,shy,introvert, you may find it difficult to tag them at times when i behave the opposite.
Zanil Hyder

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